Monday, September 8, 2014

Review of Bundle Monster Gel Polish Basics Set

Hello there nail art fans!

I was so excited when Bundle Monster contacted me and asked me to review some of their products! In fact, I still am! Eeeek! Today I am going to share with you one of their Gel Polish Sets, Basics Collection. This would be a great starter set if you are new to gel polish. But, even as a avid gel collector, some of these colors are much different from any I already have.

As with most gel polishes, you want to lightly buff your nails so the shine is gone, then you want to use a bonder if you have one. After that, you apply your base coat, cure 30 seconds with an LED lamp or 120 seconds with a UV lamp. Then you shake your color well, apply to nail (if any polish touches your cuticle, you can use a concealer brush with a little alcohol to clean it up prior to the next step) and cure as noted above. Repeat as necessary. I usually do 3 coats of color to get full opacity. Then apply your top coat, cure. Then using a little alcohol on a lint free pad or cotton ball, wipe away the tacky layer. And - DONE! Beautiful gel nails that will last up to 14 days.

The first gel polish I swatched is White. This is actually one of my most used colors, believe it or not.   This color was very opaque and really only needed 2 coats to get to the perfect color. But, I put a third for good measure. :-) The formula was very nice, and I found the polish very easy to work with.
Here is the white. Beautiful!

The next color I pulled out of the collection is pink. This one surprised me. I really fell in love with this color. As with the white, the constancy was good. 3 coats was the perfect amount.  Aren't you in love too!

Next up in the collection is this brilliant purple! Oh man, I really wanted to leave this one on a while. This shade is perfect for fall. I can't wait to of a bunch of manicures with it in the future. I found the consistency of this one a little watery even after shaking a bunch, and had a bit of shrinkage, but it still it went on smoothly and again, 2-3 coats will do the trick.

Now, the next color is a little tricky for me. Me and my husband were debating what this color is supposed to be. I think it is supposed to be a brown/taupe (i.e. Basics) but when I was putting it on, it almost seems to have some purple undertones. My husband kept calling it burgundy. Anyways - you can debate as well. It is still a very nice and neutral color. As with the rest, opaque in 2-3 coats.

The next color is a gorgeous royal blue. You know how sometimes you almost can't tell if it's purple or blue - this one is like that. I had a hard time capturing the true color on this one. The one thing I can tell you is I was oohing and ahhing as I was applying the color. A little bit of shrinkage with this one, so I had to flash cure (curing each nail for 10 sec right after applying) to prevent too much. 2-3 coats equaled brilliant coverage.

And lastly, and my favorite (the one I am still currently wearing and received multiple comments on today) is this special black. Now, why it's in the Basics Collection, I don't know. It is not basic. This black has tiny gold glitter in it making shimmer and shine. I LOVE it. Black and gold have always been a favorite of mine. (Can't you tell?)  This one went on very nicely and I didn't have a shrinkage. Opaque in 2-3 coats. It is gorgeous. The picture below doesn't do it justice. 

So those are all the colors in this collection. What did you think? Which is your favorite?
Are their any you must have?

You can get the set for $26.50 (How great is that price?) here at

Or click the link below.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this review. 



  1. i love the pink, purple and Blue! for some reason i really like dark colors and blues

  2. is it easy to get it off your nails?

    1. As with any soak off gel polish, you have to soak with a acetone remover for about 10 minutes to make it soft enough to push off the nail. But I think the removal process is worth it, because the gel polish can last up to 2 weeks. ♡