Sunday, September 21, 2014

Under the Sea manicure using Bundle Monster Sun Kissed Collection and Swatches of 10 plates

Hello friends!

Today I have another look I created using the Bundle Monster 2014 Sun Kissed nail stamping plate  collection I previously posted about here. I also stamped each plate onto paper so you can see all the designs and how well they stamp.

First though - here is my "Under the Sea" design using BM-501 and BM-510. (See below for the plate images.)

For this look I used OPI Glitter off around my cuticles, then let that dry. I then sponged on two nail polish colors, Sally Hansen "Pacific Blue" and China Glaze "Turned Up Turquoise". The result reminded me of the ocean. 

I then used BM-501 and BM-510 and Konad Black and stamped on the design as I liked I really like how the design turned out. I then topped off the design with my favorite top coat, Seche Vite. 
What do you think?

As I promised, here are all the swatches of the fabulous designs, because if you wait for me to do them all on my nails, it's going to take forever! Haha. There are 10 plates total in this collection. 

Here are the Sun Kissed, BM-501 designs:
Under the sea designs, and cute fish! 

Here are the Sun Kissed, BM-502 designs:
Cute mermaidy designs, water, a boat and some cute fish.

Here are the Sun Kissed, BM-503 designs:
Sharks, starfish, fish skeletons, clam, and turtle.

Here are the Sun Kissed, BM-504 designs:
Fun water toys, jelly fish, waves, crustaceans, a lone jelly, and a lifesaver.

Here are the Sun Kissed, BM-505 designs:
Multiple shell designs, sand dollars, and bubbles.

Here are the Sun Kissed, BM-506 designs:
Star design, lighthouse full image, water design, octopus tentacles, sea hours, and lighthouse. 

Here are the Sun Kissed, BM-507 designs:
Kites, cold treats, hibiscus flowers, compass, drinks, and hut.

Here are the Sun Kissed, BM-508 designs:
Flying birds, sunglasses, travel words, pirate hat, flamingo, and pirate head. 
(This plate had the only problem, the flamingo wasn't totally etched. You can see the missing spot on his back.)

Here are the Sun Kissed, BM-509 designs:
Triton's, water, anchors, rope, sand castle, and pirate skull. 

Here are the Sun Kissed, BM-510 designs:
Tattoo design, mermaids, palm tree, hula dancer, treasure map, and sea plant life. 

I really like this set. It has beautiful designs that can be used in so many ways. I can't wait to continue to create with them. Do you have any suggestions? What would you like to see now that you've seen all the plates?

You can purchase the plates at

Have a great week everyone!