Saturday, February 7, 2015

BMC Downtown Collection Swatches and Nail Art

Hello my nail polish/art loving friends! 

Today I have the pleasure of sharing a gorgeous cream polish collection made by Bundle Monster! It's the 2014 Fall collection called Downtown Collection and is inspired by the beauty of London. 
There are 6 colors and they are all beautiful. So let's get to it!

The first color is a gorgeous deep maroon color called "Bristol". It is a lovely cream polish that is completely opaque in 2 coats, in fact, they all are. This color is a perfect red for all occasions. 

And for the nail art on this color, I wanted to test these colors out for water marbling. 
They work! Check it out! So pretty! <3

Next up is "Oxford",  a neutral taupe. 
This color reminds me of a long trench coat that would be worn in London on all those rainy days. 

I wanted to try out the heart leopard look and thought this was the perfect color for it. Guess what, I was right! For this look I painted on the hearts and outlined with black acrylic paint. 

The 3rd color in the collection is called "Eaton" and is a dark teal color. It is very unique and kind of hard to photograph, but it's a gorgeous color. 

This one I wanted to go glamorous, so I sponged on some glitter to make it sort of ombre looking. 
I liked the end result. :)

The 4th color in this collection is called "Crowley" and is a cool deep purple. This is my favorite color in the collection. (But I am biased to purple and pinks.)

For this one, I used Bundle monster stamp M-620 from the CYO 2014 set. You can get it here. Once stamped, I filled in the hearts with a purple glitter. This is my favorite. I am probably again biased. Purple and glitter....can't go wrong. Haha. 

The 5th color is called "Redhill' and is a really deep shade of burgundy. It is almost brown. The pictures don't show it really, but it has a bit of shimmer to it. It is a really pretty color. 

For this manicure, I used stamp BM-415 from the 2013 CYO collection which you can get here. I also used some gold tape and studs. The studs are also from Bundle Monster and you can get them here.

The last color in this gorgeous collection is called "Harlow" and is a brilliant deep royal blue. 
Lovely color and as with all the above, goes on easy and is opaque in 2 coats.

For this look, I used Bundle Monster plate BM-317 from the 2012 Collection,  which you can get here. :)

Well, that is the collection. What do you think? 
Do you like all the colors, or do you have one or a couple favorites?

You can get it here on or here at

Thanks so much for reading!
Hope you enjoyed the pictures and review! 

Take care,
<3 Shanna