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Hello there!

My name is Shanna. I am a nail art/nail polish/gel addict. (There are worse things right?)

Why I do what I do:

I started painting my nails at a young age. My Mom most likely got me started (she had a basket of polishes under the bathroom sink). She or my Grandma would sometimes paint my nails. I started collecting polished probably in high school. My collection grew through the years and now, I don't even know how much I have. I have never counted. So don't ask. Haha.

I started really getting into gel polish about 3 years ago, maybe longer - I'm not positive. But it was when CND Shellac first came out and I could buy it on Amazon.com! Then from there, gel polish started to become more and more main stream and you started seeing it in salons. (Yeah, I was always ahead of the curve. Heehee.) Then I fell in love with another gel polish. Gelish. I started collecting colors and collections. At this time, I discovered nail stamping. Oh my gosh - from there I was gone. I have been non stop since.

Painting my nails and doing nail art is my hobby. I do it for fun, to challenge myself, and it sometimes relaxes me and takes me away from what life is throwing at me at the moment. (We all have those days, right?)

I have A LOT of regular nail polish, but my favorite to work with is gel polish. (as mentioned above) I love the longevity of it, my nails feel stronger with it on, love the continuous shine and how easy it is to work with when doing nail art. There are so many brands now, and I have fun trying them all out but my favorites at this time are Gelish, OPI Gelcolor and LeChat Perfect Match.

Some personal info:

I am married to a high school teacher that doesn't really get my hobby, but he totally supports it. We have no human children, but we have a toy poodle named Daisy that we consider and treat like our daughter. She is our everything. (You may or may not think I am crazy here.)

My other hobbies:

I read - A LOT. If I don't have a book lined up to read, it feels weird. Like bad weird. Yes, I am weird too, but good weird. Ha. I also enjoy baking, photography and painting(though that has mainly turned into painting my nails). I am a homebody. Love sitting in my rocking chair watching a DVD or one of my favorite TV shows. Another huge hobby of mine is make-up. I love playing with make-up to create new looks.

You can contact me at ShannasNailAdventures@gmail.com

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