Tuesday, August 18, 2015

BMC Aint No Basic B!tch Speed Gel Collection Swatches and Review

Hello there! It's been SO long. My full time job pretty much took over my life for a while, so actually getting on my computer to write a blog just didn't happen. As I always promise, I will try to be better about uploading my regular nail art.

Okay, so today I am going to show you the Speed Gel collection by Bundle Monster called Aint No Basic B!tch. This is one of my favorite collections yet. :)

So one of the awesome things about this gel is that it is one step! You don't need a base or top coat to use it. I love that! I just filed the surface of my nails a little to get rid of the shine, wiped with alcohol and started my mani! I cured each coat in my LED lamp for 60 seconds. Another thing that's awesome - these are all just two thin coats! And of course, the colors are gorgeous!!! Love this collection!

This first color is a gorgeous black!! It is filled with tons of holographic glitter! I love it! Will definitely be using this a lot this fall/winter! It's called You're So Tragic! 

I also used the Bundle Monster Shangri-La Nail Stamping plate collection to do a little art work on the mani's. Here is the one I did on You're So Tragic. It's a Aztec kind of feel I think.

Shangri-La Nail Plate BM-S102: Everlasting Sun

The next color in this collection is a bright and shimmery bubble gum pink! I adore it. It's called Pink Wednesdays. As I mentioned above, this is just 2 thin coats. 

I used this adorable star blossom pattern with a bright pink polish to give the mani a cute and floral vibe. 

Shangri-La Nail Plate BM-S104: Cosmic Blossoms

This next color is a really pretty shimmery blue, though in my pictures it comes up a little more blue/green. This color is so much more pretty in real life. I just couldn't do it justice. It's called So Fetch!

For this mani I used the Shagri-La plate just to give a little accent. I like how it turned out.

Shangri-La Nail Plate BM-S102: Everlasting Sun

The next color I have to show you is a verrrry shimmery lime green. Just look at all that shimmery goodness. This one is called Cheeky. Unfortunately, my picture with nail art for this picture did not come out. Boo. :(

Wooo! Look at this super bright pink!!! It's called Can't Sit Here and it's a goooorgeous pearlescent hot pink. I love this one - I think it's my favorite. I think.... ;)

I used some black stamping polish to get this look using my Shargri-La plates. Then I added some black studs to finish off the look.

Shangri-La Nail Plate BM-S108: Fountain of Youth

Last color is another gorgeous one. This one is packed with glitter and really shines in real life.
Its a pinky purple color and it's called Drama. I didn't use a on of my stamping plates to decorate because I thought the color was gorgeous on it's own. So, instead I added a crown charm. Get it? "Drama" queen. I know, I am hilarious.

So that is the entire Aint No Basic B!tch Collection. I really love this collection and really love speed gel! I hope they make more and more gel collections in speed gel. It's the best!

You can get the whole collection or singles here

The Shangri-La Nail Stamping plate collection is a set of 10 square stamping plates. You can view all plates and purchase in singles or the set here. I had no issues with the plates and look forward to using them more. 

I hope you liked this post and hope to be back very soon! But until then, you can always catch me on Facebook (Shannas Nail Adventures) and Instagram (@ShannasNailAdventures). Come see me!

Until then - have a wonderful day/night/week...whatevs. LOL!

<3 Shanna

Friday, May 22, 2015

Bundle Monster Sands of Aruba Gel Polish Collection Swatches

I'm back! Did you miss me?

Today I have a pretty neon cream collection of gel polishes by Bundle Monster called the Sands of Aruba Collection. These colors are perfect for the upcoming summer months. They are bright, fun and perfect for the beach.

First of all, for some of these colors, they were so bright that my camera freaked out a bit and I couldn't quite capture the true colors.  I will let you know which ones. But I tried to get the pictures as accurate as possible.

The first color in the collection is called, "Sunset Walk" and its a bright neon pink. I adore this color! And look how tan the neon colors make my skin look! Haha! But it's actually even brighter in real life. My camera did not like this color and would not cooperate. 

The next color is a gorgeous neon orange. It's called "Electric Flamingo" and as I was applying this color I thought how much I actually love this shade of orange on me. It's so much more beautiful in real life. This was another color that my camera just didn't like. 

The next color is called "Blistering Sun" and you can see why! It's a sheer bright yellow gel that is packed with glitter. I used it here alone (3 coats) but you can use it as a topper to make a very unique look. 

I adore this next color that is called "Boca Catalina". 
It's a brilliant teal green unlike any others I have. 

OMG! This blue. I am in love with it. I know, I know, I love every color in this collection. But I do. It's the truth. This one is called, "Fringing Waters" and is the perfect shade. 

And the last color in this collection is called, "Voodoo Lounge" and is a deep violet. What else can I say, I love purple. It's my favorite of the collection.

And here are a couple looks I did with these gel polishes. 

I really loved this collection, and though I received it quite a while ago to swatch, I really wanted to wait until closer to summer, because like I said before, I really think these are the PERFECT shades for summer. 

You can get the whole set here for $28.99

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Have a wonderful weekend!


Sunday, April 12, 2015

China Glaze Electric Nights Neon Mani

Hi Friends! 

Today's post is about a manicure I did a couple days ago using China Glaze's Electric Nights Collection. These colors are very bright and fun, but I'm not sure I would call them neon. 

Here is the look I created. 

I used "DJ Blue My Mind" and "Point Me To The Party". 
I love this blue! It reminds me of the sky but more intense. And the rainbow glitter topper is awesome! 

Steps for this look: 
1. I painted all my nails with a white base coat. 
2. I then painted the thumb and 2 outer fingers blue. 
3. I then taped off half the middle finger with masking tape and then added the neon glitter to my middle and ring fingers. (To get the opacity that I did, I put liquid latex around my nails, let it dry, then actually sponged on the polish. I used 3 sponged coats.)
4.  I painted the other half of the middle finger with 2 coats of blue.
5. I then top coated with Seche Vite and added these cute neon studs to finish the look. 

I hope you like this look and most of all, enjoyed this post!

Have a great day!


Friday, April 3, 2015

BMC Hawaiian Escape Collection - Gel polish swatches

Hello my friends! It's been too long, I know. Life got really busy for a while and I just didn't take the time to do nice photo shoots of my nail art and write about it. I apologize. I will try to do better in the future. Near future. :-)

But, for today, I have the honor of swatching this gorgeous collection by Bundle Monster. It's called the Hawaiian Escape Collection. It's a gel polish and has grains of colored sand in it! It is super unique and the colors are really gorgeous!

I found the formula to be a little thick and since my nail beds are so small the thicker brushes made application a little messy. So, I decided to thin it down a little with a gel thinner and had much better luck. I used two coats for each swatch so it didn't get too think on my nails. The coverage was awesome with those 2 coats. I cured for 30 seconds each coat.

On to the colors! Yay!!! You won't be disappointed.

This is Guava Drop. Its a sheer fuchsia with purple, pink and white sand. Super cute color! 

This is called Papaya Passion. So, I am NOT a orange lover. My skin is too orange and it usually looks just yuck on me, but I really liked this one! The pastel orange with the red sand in this one really makes it pop. 

Lilikoi Lover is the name of this pastel yellow with pale orange sand. I have no idea what the name means, but I adore the color. It's so bright and cheery! 

Poha Picker is a gorgeous color!!! I love it. It is my 2nd favorite in this collection. It's a gorgeous teal
with blue and yellow sand. 

This cream white gel with orange sand is called Coco-nutty. Such a cute name! I like this color too. It is very delicate and subtle.

And the last color in the collection is also my favorite. It's a brilliant pastel purple  with dark blue sand. Oh I love this color. It's called, Kula Lavender. Very fitting name.

Which color is your favorite? Would you add these gels to your collection?

Because of the sand, there is some texture. But when you use your topcoat, the manicure is smooth to the touch and look. 

You can get the set here or even just purchase your favorite! 

SO, since it is so close to Easter, when I was doing the swatches, I wouldn't help thinking of speckled eggs. So I decided this collection would be perfect for a Easter manicure. Here it is! 

I hope you enjoyed this post. 

Have a fantastic weekend, and if you celebrate, have a wonderful Easter. 

<3 Shanna

Saturday, February 7, 2015

BMC Downtown Collection Swatches and Nail Art

Hello my nail polish/art loving friends! 

Today I have the pleasure of sharing a gorgeous cream polish collection made by Bundle Monster! It's the 2014 Fall collection called Downtown Collection and is inspired by the beauty of London. 
There are 6 colors and they are all beautiful. So let's get to it!

The first color is a gorgeous deep maroon color called "Bristol". It is a lovely cream polish that is completely opaque in 2 coats, in fact, they all are. This color is a perfect red for all occasions. 

And for the nail art on this color, I wanted to test these colors out for water marbling. 
They work! Check it out! So pretty! <3

Next up is "Oxford",  a neutral taupe. 
This color reminds me of a long trench coat that would be worn in London on all those rainy days. 

I wanted to try out the heart leopard look and thought this was the perfect color for it. Guess what, I was right! For this look I painted on the hearts and outlined with black acrylic paint. 

The 3rd color in the collection is called "Eaton" and is a dark teal color. It is very unique and kind of hard to photograph, but it's a gorgeous color. 

This one I wanted to go glamorous, so I sponged on some glitter to make it sort of ombre looking. 
I liked the end result. :)

The 4th color in this collection is called "Crowley" and is a cool deep purple. This is my favorite color in the collection. (But I am biased to purple and pinks.)

For this one, I used Bundle monster stamp M-620 from the CYO 2014 set. You can get it here. Once stamped, I filled in the hearts with a purple glitter. This is my favorite. I am probably again biased. Purple and glitter....can't go wrong. Haha. 

The 5th color is called "Redhill' and is a really deep shade of burgundy. It is almost brown. The pictures don't show it really, but it has a bit of shimmer to it. It is a really pretty color. 

For this manicure, I used stamp BM-415 from the 2013 CYO collection which you can get here. I also used some gold tape and studs. The studs are also from Bundle Monster and you can get them here.

The last color in this gorgeous collection is called "Harlow" and is a brilliant deep royal blue. 
Lovely color and as with all the above, goes on easy and is opaque in 2 coats.

For this look, I used Bundle Monster plate BM-317 from the 2012 Collection,  which you can get here. :)

Well, that is the collection. What do you think? 
Do you like all the colors, or do you have one or a couple favorites?

You can get it here on BundleMonster.com or here at Amazon.com

Thanks so much for reading!
Hope you enjoyed the pictures and review! 

Take care,
<3 Shanna