Friday, May 22, 2015

Bundle Monster Sands of Aruba Gel Polish Collection Swatches

I'm back! Did you miss me?

Today I have a pretty neon cream collection of gel polishes by Bundle Monster called the Sands of Aruba Collection. These colors are perfect for the upcoming summer months. They are bright, fun and perfect for the beach.

First of all, for some of these colors, they were so bright that my camera freaked out a bit and I couldn't quite capture the true colors.  I will let you know which ones. But I tried to get the pictures as accurate as possible.

The first color in the collection is called, "Sunset Walk" and its a bright neon pink. I adore this color! And look how tan the neon colors make my skin look! Haha! But it's actually even brighter in real life. My camera did not like this color and would not cooperate. 

The next color is a gorgeous neon orange. It's called "Electric Flamingo" and as I was applying this color I thought how much I actually love this shade of orange on me. It's so much more beautiful in real life. This was another color that my camera just didn't like. 

The next color is called "Blistering Sun" and you can see why! It's a sheer bright yellow gel that is packed with glitter. I used it here alone (3 coats) but you can use it as a topper to make a very unique look. 

I adore this next color that is called "Boca Catalina". 
It's a brilliant teal green unlike any others I have. 

OMG! This blue. I am in love with it. I know, I know, I love every color in this collection. But I do. It's the truth. This one is called, "Fringing Waters" and is the perfect shade. 

And the last color in this collection is called, "Voodoo Lounge" and is a deep violet. What else can I say, I love purple. It's my favorite of the collection.

And here are a couple looks I did with these gel polishes. 

I really loved this collection, and though I received it quite a while ago to swatch, I really wanted to wait until closer to summer, because like I said before, I really think these are the PERFECT shades for summer. 

You can get the whole set here for $28.99

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Have a wonderful weekend!